Atharva Infrastructures offers services in Lightening protection and Electrical earthing

Earth Pit Auditing

It is a highly technical service of auditing earth pits and designing new pits with different formats. Atharva Infrastructures has a team of qualified engineers who are well-trained for providing reliable solutions for any type of earthing at any required place. Our experts check the soil resistivity and also assess different types of risks before carrying out the earthing process. Keeping safety factors in mind, Atharva Infrastructures provide ideal Earth Electrodes Audit services.


The most important but usually neglected part is the installation of the earthing systems. Atharva Infrastructures has a team of well trained engineers who have a hands on training for installation of earthing systems in varied strata and even in adverse conditions. Atharva Infrastructures has a variety of solutions to meet specific requirements of the clients. With the informed experience, Atharva has successfully installed the systems in refilled soil, Murum, Hard rocks and Sandy terrains.

Sectors we cater to

 Transmission & Distribution Systems

 Cement Plants

 Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries

 Remote & Central Office Digital Switches

 Others, where hi-tech earthing is required

Telecommunication Towers                            

Hotel and Hospital Sector                                                                      Computer & Data Processing Centers                                                   

Oil Refineries & Pump Stations                                                               Residential Buildings                                                                      

Defense and research laboratory

Wind Energy Sector

Food Processing Plants

Heavy Industries

Power Generation Stations

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