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Chemical Earthing: A Boon To The Earthing Industry

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Earthing is a method to connect any electrical installation to the earth for dissipation of extra current surge into the ground. It takes advantage of the earth’s conductivity. So how does chemical earthing come into the picture? Chemical earthing is a subset of earthing. Chemical Earthing is a process in the electrical earthing industry which is used to protect structures like buildings, houses and industries from an electrical surge from lightning with the use of specific compounds and electrodes.

The crux of the chemical earthing system is the backfill compound and the electrodes. Atharva Infrastructures’ chemical earthing makes use of a special backfill compound called, SOILTREAT and electrodes called ACTROD.

The backfill compound’s purpose is to prevent the electrode from getting corroded and facilitate better current dissipation. It helps maintain the moisture levels in the soil around the system. SoilTreat makes the earth more conductive than any other backfill compound. It is ROHS certified and widely trusted amongst the earthing industry. Moreover, SoilTreat is environmentally friendly. Wondering how? The backfill compound is devoid of any harmful salts which could disintegrate into the soil around the backfill compound. The particles of the compound are very fine in size and have a hydroscopic form. It is made of non-corrosive materials. Thus, it helps slow down the process of oxidation. Another huge advantage of SoilTreat is that it has a higher shelf life and can be stored for a long time. Doesn’t SoilTreat sound like the perfect companion to the stars of the show, our electrodes, ACTROD?

Electrodes are the “heart” of the chemical earthing system. The chemical earthing electrodes are made of highly conductive materials. The top portion of the electrodes is connected to the main system of the house or the building where the chemical earthings system is to be installed through a down conductor. Whenever lightning strikes and there is a surge in electricity in the electrical system, the current passes through the down conductor.

The chemical earthing rods dissipate the extra surge in current into the earth with the help of the highly conductive backfill compound. ACTROD are the chemical earthing electrodes which are inserted into the soil and surrounded with the backfill compound. The electrodes are copper bonded rods of superior quality and are made of highly conductive material. ACTROD, our chemical earthing rod has an excellent life span. Its composition is such that it ensures enhanced performance and a wide range of protection.

The thing that makes the chemical earthing system highly favored throughout the industry, is its numerous advantages. Along with being environment friendly, the whole system requires little to no maintenance after installation. This renders the system to be cost effective and time saving. There is also minimal wastage of water when it comes to the maintenance.

So watch out for our next post on Chemical Earthing and its process!


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