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Chemical Earthing Solution - A proven method to achieve excellent earthing results

Earthing and Lightning protection are the most important aspects for the facilities. It is observed that many of them generally avoid spending on Earthing and Lightning protection. In such a case, it's a big compromise on safety, the most essential part of any project to safeguard the machinery, appliances, and Human Beings. Earthing is also necessary to eliminate electrostatic discharge and fault current to protect the sensitive equipment but unfortunately the most neglected aspect in our housing, industrial and commercial electrical infrastructure.

Chemical earthing is a proven method to achieve consistent, permanent earthing solution results. It is an earthing system in which chemical compounds are used instead of salt and coal. In any conventional earthing, salt and coal are placed around the earthing plate. Unfortunately, such earthlings are installed on site by Labor and there is no control over the proportions of the ingredients. Such earthing systems are not reliable and can put the entire facility in a Risk.

In case of Chemical Earthing systems, A hole according to the size of the earthing rod/ electrode is made with the help of boarding Machine, then the earthing rod/ electrode is placed in the middle of the pit, then the backfill compound Activefill is put around the chemical earthing rods /electrode. The top portion (connecting plate) of the electrode is connected to the down conductor of the building. In case of the fault current / lightning strikes the current passes through the down conductor to the earthing system protecting the machinery and the Human Lives. The earthing electrode dissipates the extra surge in current into the earth with the help of the highly conductive backfill compound.

ACTROD The Copper bonded earthing electrodes by Atharva Infrastructures are Superior quality electrodes made of low carbon, high tensile strength steel rods - 99.9 % pure electrolytic quality copper is molecularly bonded to nickel coated steel rods ensuring greater performance. The life span of these chemical earthing rods is excellent even in corrosive soil. Tinned inspection plates on the top are provided to delay the corrosion due to bimetallic contact between the down conductor and the electrode. The 250 microns copper coated ACTRODs are as per UL specifications and IEEE standards provided for the flexibility to have the connecting strips in various other metals (Copper or GI).

ACTROD doesn’t require regular maintenance and is easy to install and requires very less area. As regular watering is not required, the proportions & density of the backfill compound Activefill is maintained. The performance of Chemical earthing rods /electrodes is quite consistent in all weather conditions which makes ACTROD with Activefill is a reliable and a permanent solution for the earthing requirements.


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