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Earthing Solution: The right technique to install Chemical Earthing Rods

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Need of Chemical Earthing:

In a conventional earthing generally salt and coal is placed around the earthing plate but unfortunately it has a lot of drawbacks like we do not have proper control over the proportion of ingredients mixed and it's not even much reliable.

And that's why chemical earthing came into the picture and it has completely taken over the old conventional earthing method.

Installation method for ACTROD Chemical Earthing system

Make the ACTROD Earthing System ready for Installation, then follow below procedure for Chemical earthing,

1. Drill / Bore a hole of 6 / 5 Inches in diameter to a suitable depth as per Electrode Length. (If electrode is 10 feet drill 10 feet, 6 inch )

2. Put handfuls of SOILTREAT backfill compound initially, which is conductivity improvement material, and has to be put into the drilled hole.

3. Place the ACTROD that is a chemical earthing rod at the centre of the Drilled hole.

4. Refill space around the electrode with 10 kgs SOILTREAT backfill compound, pour around 10 litres of water to allow trapped air to escape.

5. In this manner gradually continue the refilling process till the electrode is buried.

6. Cover the electrode with compound tightly, so that it stands firmly in the pit.

7. Pour a few buckets of water around the pit.

8. Give around 1 week to the system to set in the soil.

9. Then check ohmic value and connect with equipment with the help of a connecting strip.

10. After the whole completion of the process, place chamber cover on the top to protect the earthing system.

Note: Earthing can be extended more than 10 feet and can be installed with the help of couplers (tight all accessories with help of spanners).

Safety Precautions been incorporated while performing Chemical Earthing:

1. Do not drop the earthing electrode in the pit.

2. Do not use force to drive the electrode into the pit.

3. Do not hammer or cut the electrode while installation.

4. After installation pour a few buckets of water in and around the pit for around 10 days. This helps the system to set.

5. Ensure that the full Length of Electrode Buried in SOILTREAT backfill Compound at all times.

Chemical earthing is a very much proven method to achieve consistent and permanent earthing solutions. As the proportion and density of the backfill compound is maintained properly so that the performance is quite consistent in all the weather conditions, which makes ACTROD with SOILTREAT backfill compound is the most reliable permanent and consistent solution for the earthing system.

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