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Lightning protection systems at Atharva Infrastructures

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

So basically what is lightning?

Too understand how to protect yourself against lightning it is first important to know what exactly is lightning and what happens during lightning.Lightning is a phenomenon that cannot be stopped by any technology but the consequential damages can be minimized.

As we all know lightning is a natural phenomenon which is caused due to friction between clouds which causes polarization of particles and the negatively charged particles(downward streamer) get accumulated at the bottom of the clouds. These negatively charged particles attract the positively charged particles(upward streamer) from the ground. There is an electric field that is created between the cloud and the ground which results with in in an electric discharge which is what we know as lightning.

Many of the people are unaware that the highest number of deaths are caused due to lightning which is more than the number of deaths caused due to other natural phenomenon such as hurricane,cyclones,floods etc and during lightning there is tremendous amount of heat produced.

Our lightning protection system is called IONIFLASH MACH, which employs the ESE (early streamer emission) technology. Using this technology our lightning protection system can sense the lightning well in advance and sends the upward streamer in advance at a very far distance away from the structure thereby not damaging the structure.

Stay tall and stay protected because your SAFETY is our PRIORITY and we ensure the best protection guard for your life!

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