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One stand, premium solution to all the earthing and lightning problems.

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What happens when a lightning strikes or there is a voltage variation? Immediately you run to disconnect your phone your TV and other equipments. What happens when there is a short circuit? Your device gets damaged and you are prone to danger that may even be fatal. Why are you taking the risk when you can stand grounded against all this?

We at Atharva Infrastructures provide complete solution for earthing and lightning protection We deal in low maintenance earthing systems and third generation lightning protection systems.

We started the business in 2004 and it has been a decade of trust that we have in electrical safety systems.

Atharva Infrastructures is a one stop shop for all the earthing and lightning protection requirements and with more than 20000 successful installations,Atharva has its satisfied clients in more than 25 cities all over the country. We are also the all India channel partners for FRANCE PARATONNERRES and all the equipments are made in France.

We have catered to diversified industries such as petrochemical industries, manufacturing industries, solar power plants, IT industries, windmills and many more.

Our products are at par with international standards such as the IEEE standards and we are CPRI certified and is also ROHS compliant and we are applying for the IGBC certification.

Your SAFETY is our PRIORITY and by trusting us on this mission we dedicate ourselves to our customers satisfaction.

Our products are eco-friendly and requires very less maintenance.

We have two type of electrodes

1. Galvanized iron (GI) coated electrode (coating of 100 micron)

2. Molecularly bonded copper coated electrode (coating of 250 micron) as per IEEE standards.

Our backfill compound is called SOILTREAT, the name itself suggesting that there is no damage to the soil and also has these advantages :

1. It is hydroscopic.

2. It does not contaminate the water.

3. It has high conductivity.

4. It is non-corrosive.

5. It has a long life.

When you can ensure protection why not take it? Why living the risk and putting yourself,your dear and near ones and your valuables in danger?

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