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Chemical Earthing Rods Solutions- Get the best results at the best prices

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

As technology changed, it bought a significant shift in the earthing system and Chemical earthing has changed the way the earthing system was viewed. A proper earthing system can save many lives and installing a better earthing is a costly affair, but with the earthing system which Atharva infrastructures offer, you not only get the best quality but also the best prices. Atharva infrastructures is dedicated to providing an effective and cost-efficient solution to your grounding requirements.

Our copper bonded rod ACTROD is innovated for a better long life and is a low maintenance essential component of an earthing system. As ACTROD is made up of highly conductive material, it has an excellent life span and having an additional tinned inspection plate for the flexibility of connecting strips makes ACTROD a highly dependable electrode, owing to its low maintainability.

The primary object of a chemical earthing system is to stabilize circuit potential with respect to ground and limit the overall potential rise. To protect devices from overvoltage and keep the maximum voltage gradient along the surface inside & around the substation within safe limits during ground faults. To provide an alternative path for dangerous currents to flow so that accidents due to electric shock and damage to the equipment can be avoided and our earthing system fulfills all.

Do you still wonder, why chemical earthing is a better solution?

Chemical earthing rods solution

Well, a proper earthing system may help you cut down the usage cost as compared to your current earthing system, leading to a lot of energy-saving costs.

These systems have minimum fluctuations, are eco-friendly, and are highly reliable for the safety of your home or building. They require less maintenance and have a longer life span as compared to conventional earthing.

The conventional type of earthing comes with some additional costs like the cost of labor for watering periodically, cost of water as it is not free in some places. The water pipe which goes to the pit may get choked due to scale formation because of which flow of water get restricted or block adding to the maintenance costs. Whereas in Chemical earthing no need for extra water pouring as it retails moisture for a longer period of time.

A Chemical earthing pit has a life span of about 15-20 years, which means you don’t need to look into it for that period of time thus saving the cost and making it the best earthing solution over conventional earthing. Similarly, our ACTROD has an excellent life span and ensures enhanced performance and a wide range of protection as per the IEEE standards.

As Our ACTROD is made with copper, it doesn’t require much attention. Once installed this system doesn’t require regular inspection or maintenance thus making it the best earthing solution at the best price.

Do you want to make sure you secure your places with a top-class chemical earthing system, get the best results at the best price? We, at Atharva Infrastructures, help you achieve the level of security you require. Contact us to know more about the ACTROD.