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Why are people ignorant about the most important things while they are constructing their buildings?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Safety is always a priority, and it should not be on the last of the priority list but the first thing that should pop up. Have you ever wondered about how dangerous an unprotected electrical system can be to you? Have you ever thought about how disastrous can an unguarded electricity,that lights your life,be to you? Given the following considerations why do people consider the electrical safety as an option? Why don't people take precautions until the tragedy befalls?

Electrical safety systems are very important in our daily lives. There is no alternative to being safe than taking the safety measures and since it involves a huge risk, the best measures must be taken and you should not compromise on the quality for price.

As for electrical safety systems, earthing the electrical equipments is very essential. The fire department has made fire audits compulsory especially in summers because it is during summers that earthing systems do not perform. Therefore having your earthing systems checked can save a lot of consequential damages, as the proverb goes "A stitch in time saves nine".

During summers the Earth's is very dry and this creates accumulation of positive charges which results in lightning as well during the rainy seasons. Therefore the protection requirement is very high. Why are you taking the risk when all you have to do it prepare it for once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime!

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